Photo Format

Photos are JPG format, and either provided on USB if requested (event only) or a link will be emailed to you once we receive payment. The link to your photos will be in a compressed ZIP file and is recommended that you download to a computer (vs. another device) for safe keeping.

Photo Orientation

Photographs are as is. All the photos from each routine are for your enjoyment. They may be in landscape or portrait format. Most computer viewers will automatically read the file information and show the image with the correct orientation. Thunderstruck Canada does not format the orientation. When ordering prints, you will have an option for ordering in Black and White, as well as cropping the image. If you would like a slideshow created, please contact us we can provide you with a price to have this done.

Photo Prints & Other Printed Product Delivery

When ordering you have the option to crop your images as and if you wish. These edits are final. You can not change the options once you submit your order, so please be sure this is what you want. All printed products are processed through a professional lab and will ship between two (2) and seven (7) business days.

Video Delivery

Video orders get done in batches in the middle and end of the month. Every effort is made to get orders into these batches as soon as possible, but depending on the timing of your order (i.e. busy months of March, April, and May) it may take up to 4 weeks for your DVD to be produced.

NOTE: If you ordering prints and video, they are from a different supplier and ship separately.