Regional Dance Competitions

Whenever possible, admission to our regional competitions is free. In some instances, theatres charge a Theatre Improvement Fee for each person that enters. For instance, if a person entered and exited the theatre 5 times in a day, that would count as 5 separate visits. In these situations, there will be nominal admission fee and either ticket or stamp so that you can freely enter and exit the theatre between performances. Information about this for each event will be posted on the general schedule page for each event.

Patrons are expected to follow the house rules. For the protection of the dancers and enjoyment of the rest of the audience, those unable to follow the rules will be invited to leave.

Top Studio Challenge

Prices and packages and how to purchase them will be posted on the respective event pages under the Dance Competition section of the website. Admission for children under 5 and grandparents (65+) is free.